Solution de pilotage décisionnel

Collaborative solution for managing action plans

PYTHEOS is aimed at companies or public organizations wishing to have a 360° vision of the progress of the actions carried out by their employees and partners.

Clarify and prioritize your action plans
Pool actions and projects in the same repository
Easily qualify and track your progress indicators
Consult the consolidation of your KPIs and CAPEX
Exchange, share at any time with the project teams
Alert your teams to the deadlines to be met
To follow-up multi-site and cross-functional action plans
Put in place real project governance

Which methodology used with PYTHEOS

Structured in strategic axes or processes, the objectives of the action plans are measured by Operational KPIs
The action plans are themselves broken down into projects and operational actions.
Each action leader follows his or her roadmap in real tim
  • Monitoring the progress of actions by priority and by status (planned, overdue, to be validated, etc.).
  • Control of allocated resources (time, budget ...)
  • Feedback of performance indicators - KPIs - by stakeholders
This steering enables us to measure performance and the consistency between the aims pursued and the actions carried out.
Action plans
  • Modeling by Issue or Process
  • Stakeholder Collaboration
  • Management of multi-site action plans
  • Real-time tracking of progress
  • Process-based dynamic review

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KPIs indicators
  • KPI graph: target VS values
  • Consolidation by strategic axis
  • Screening by sector or process
  • Risk assessment per project
  • Effectiveness evaluation

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Projets & actions
  • Qualification and Planning
  • Assigning shares to teams
  • GANTT Charts
  • Automatic sending of due dates
  • Shared calendar and documentation

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Different application contexts

You are looking to gather, organize and prioritize your action plans..
Your aim is to clearly define your objectives to all your teams and involve them in your approach.

=> PYTHEOS integrates and structures all your plans. This allows you to clearly define roadmaps and optimize meeting management.

Your aim is to optimize your quality management.

=> PTYHEOS helps you to prepare your process reviews, measure your efficiency.

You are looking for a solution to easily manage your different locations.
To get a synthetic and homogeneous view of the actions undertaken on your sites and/or BUs, and to harmonize best practices.

=> PYTHEOS provides you with a centralized platform with tools tailored to multi-site management.

You are in a phase of re-structuring, re-organization, merging sites..

=> With PYTHEOS, you will be able to re-qualify your key objectives and benefit from consolidated dashboards..

A flexible offer

From free Model to offer for large companies

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Integrate your data for free in PYTHEOS FREE to use our digital solution.
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Professional solution

Open data format, Web services: SSO authentication, External connectors, ... PYTHEOS gets its place in your I.S..
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Our experts

Take advantage of the expertise and mobility of our team: Senior Consultants, SMEs, Key Accounts or Healthcare, IT Experts and Trainers.

Secure Solution

Your secure platform is hosted in France: our PREMIUM version gives you peace of mind.
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Customers' stories

We offer tools wiht a long-term impact, requiring trust and mutual respect between client and service provider.

The implementation of PYTHEOS has made it possible to review all the action plans of our various sites, to work our priorities and have a transversal vision in accordance with our strategic plan and processes. From now on, in steering committee, each process pilot presents his or her consolidated vision and the progress of his or her tasks..
Catherine P. Controller Medical SME
We have taken all our scattered Excel files into PYTHEOS. We can now easily follow the actions resulting from our QHSE.
action plans. We have PYTHEOS to easily perform our process reviews, prepare our audits and evaluate the effectiveness of our actions.
Laurence V. QSE Manager- SME Services
As part of our digital transformation, we have adopted PYTHEOS for all of our B.U.'s and production sites.
From our headquarters, we now have consolidated dynamic reporting by site, both in terms of performance indicators and progress indicators,
Christophe L. Performance Director - International Food Group
PYTHEOS has enabled us to set up a real project governance.
In management committee, we monitor the progress of our KPIs, measure the gains achieved and future objectives.
Arnaud D.EVP Transformation - Aeronautic industry