Customization tools

  • Customize typologies, states ...
  • Action Import Gateway
  • Numerous setting to customize

Identification / Rights

  • Encrypted secure password
  • SSO connection in option
  • Credentials define by profil and user


  • Available in English/French
  • Translation available in any language


  • Available on computer or tablet
  • Mobile Application on Android or IPhone
  • Compatible with all browsers: Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Firefox.
Tablette / Mobile /Iphone

Personnal HMI

  • Each user chooses his or her langage
  • Each user chooses his or her currency
  • Scope defined by his or her role and location
  • Customizable dashboard
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Dedicated portfolio

  • Each user sees his or her deadlines and attributions
  • Follow-up of the collaborative work of your peers
  • Batch entry of your advancements
  • Batch creation of tasks
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Personal dashboard

  • Gantt view of your actions
  • Catalogue of actions and tasks
  • Filter by priority, status
  • Reporting limited to your actions
  • Personnalisation
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Transverse axis modeling

  • modeling by organism
  • Unlimited creation of axes and sub-axes
  • Representation in the form of trees
  • Importing the tree structure from Excel
  • Assigning dedicated KPIs, targets on objectives
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Link actions to axes

  • Each project or action is attached to as many axes as necessary
  • Gantt view of projects or actions by axis
  • Filter actions by state: upcoming, overdue, in progress
  • Direct action creation from an axis
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Consolidation by axis

  • Consolidation of the progress of actions
  • Consolidation of measured KPIs on shares
  • Consolidation of expected objectives
  • Budget consolidation
  • Consolidation of time spent
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Reporting by axis

  • Synthesis Report PDF Format
  • Meeting review on Word
  • Excel export of actions
  • Action evaluation reporting
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Cross-axis analysis

  • Dynamic cross-axis reporting
  • Extraction of common actions from the axes
  • Dynamic consolidation of indicators

Rights management by axis

  • Right for managers to see all the actions of their team
  • Possibility to limit the view to users to certain axes

Expert Analysis Tools

  • Cartographic analysis of the weight of shares according to 1 criterion of your choice
  • Heuristic mapping, XMind view
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Managing actions: creating, changing

  • Harmonized and intuitive input module
  • Definition: period, description, expected time, type, priority, status, project manager
  • Création de tâches : durée, descriptif, responsable
  • milestones definition
  • Association of KPIs on the action or task
  • A manager by KPI
  • Definition of budget lines, OPEX or CAPEX
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Additional features

  • Linkage between actions
  • Renewal of action
  • Action model
  • Automatic time shift

Leading the team

  • Sending emails to the team
  • Chatting with stakeholders
  • Follow-up by the pilot on the deadlines to be met
  • E-mail notification of assigned tasks
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Shared calendars

  • Common schedule for the steering team
  • Event integration in Outlook
  • Automated Event Recall
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Shared document base

  • Writing notes : PDF, Excel, Word, etc...
  • Association of photos or documents
  • Indexed search on contents

Indicator entries

  • Progress entry by the person responsible for the task or action
  • Entry of KPIs by the defined manager
  • Entry of the time spent by each participant
  • Entering Purchase Orders by Budget Line
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Review Tools

  • Associated Gantt chart
  • Complete Excel export Sheet + advances
  • Export PDF of the complete file
  • Activity report: by type of action
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  • Action-specific indicator
  • Or common to several actions
  • Definition of the target curve
  • Entering the task indicator at the axis
  • Consolidation on the action or axis
  • Comparative analysis of indicators between projects, actions or axes
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Monetary indicator

  • Managing gains or savings
  • Consolidation by BU, site, nature, process...
  • Currency management
  • Entering the indicator in the user's currency
  • Consolidation of multiple currency entries, in referencing currency
  • Management of conversion rates
Indicateur Monétaire

KPI Monétaire

Evaluation indicators

  • Definition of the budget
  • CAPEX / OPEX monitoring
  • Follow-up of orders
  • Follow-up of invoicing
  • Consolidation on the action or on an axis
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Cost management

  • Custom Definition of Appraisal Grid
  • Measurement of the evaluation carried out on the action
  • Rating of the evaluation from 1 to 5
  • Representation of the results on a radar graph
  • Consolidation on the action or on an axis
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